What’s The Bioavailability of CBD?

Bioavailability is a word that refers to the rate and concentration of an active ingredient that enters the body or target tissue.

The bioavailability of CBD can change depending on how it’s used.

For example, the bioavailability of CBD used via inhalation (vapes or smoking) is much higher than with CBD oils or other edible products. This is because CBD travels very efficiently into the bloodstream through the lungs but less efficiently through the digestive tract.

Here’s a ranking of the bioavailability for different methods of using CBD:

  • Intravenous — 100% absorption
  • Inhalation — up to 40% absorption
  • Sublingual — up to 35% absorption
  • Oral — between 6 and 19% absorption
  • Transdermal (through the skin) — up to 2% absorption