What Is Third-Party Testing?

Third-party testing is a simple and effective way for companies to provide customers with transparency about its products.

The CBD industry is poorly regulated. This is still an improvement from the past — when useful compounds like CBD were outright banned.

However, the problem is that many companies are manufacturing poor quality or scam CBD products and selling them to the public as a health supplement. These supplements are often contaminated with heavy metals or harmful chemicals like pesticides or preservatives.

The solution to this is third-party testing.

Companies send samples of their products off to a lab where it’s tested for CBD potency and contamination.

The lab then provides a certificate with its findings to the CBD manufacturer. Reputable CBD brands will post these results live on its website.

Third-party labs hold the CBD supplier accountable for its claims and reduce the risk of the customer. It’s easier to believe the results of a lab that holds no stake in the sale of the product than the CBD company itself.

Imagine a company found contaminants in their oils — it’s not likely they’re going to volunteer this information to their customers. Although most companies test their own products for quality control, the ethical ones seek a stamp of approval from a third-party lab.

We don’t recommend going with a company that can’t show third-party test results to back up their claims.

Ask yourself, “what are they hiding?”