What is CBD Vape Oil?

A CBD vape oil or “E-liquid” is a form of CBD that’s been optimized for use in a vaporizer.

Most E-liquids consist of four ingredients:

  1. CBD extract (full-spectrum, CBD isolate, or broad-spectrum extracts)
  2. Vegetable glycerin
  3. Propylene glycol
  4. Artificial or natural flavorings

A vape pen heats the E-liquid, which converts it into a vapor. This is different from smoke because there’s no combustion reaction. This eliminates the creation of toxic byproducts made during the combustion process that makes smoking so harmful.

E-liquids use the same principles to produce a thick white vapor as fog machines.

After inhaling the vapor, the active CBD and other cannabinoids are absorbed through the lungs to produce a rapid onset of effects.

E-liquids (vape oils) can be flavored with just about anything. You can have any flavor combination imaginable, and most CBD brands will have their own proprietary flavors to choose from.