What Is CBD Tea?

There are two different types of CBD teas — tea bags infused with CBD or raw hemp leaves.

Most CBD teas are made from a mixture of tea leaves or other herbs in a single-use tea bag that’s been pre-infused with a set amount of CBD. As the tea steeps in your water, the active CBD component will diffuse into the brew along with it.

CBD itself is not water-soluble, which means most of it won’t diffuse into the water. To get around this, most CBD tea manufacturers use a modified version of CBD that has better solubility in water.

You can buy CBD tea bags in just about any combination of flavors or effects imaginable:

  • CBD teas for sleep
  • CBD teas for stress
  • CBD mint teas
  • CBD green teas
  • CBD detox teas

Other CBD teas are simply made from raw hemp flowers or leaves. These teas work the same way any tea would. Add about a teaspoon of the dried leaves to a cup of hot water and give it a few minutes for the active ingredients to diffuse into the water.

CBD teas aren’t the most efficient way of using CBD (due to the poor solubility of the active ingredient in water) but do offer a nice relaxing way to enjoy a mild dose of CBD.

I like using CBD teas in the evening as I wind down and prepare for bed.