Should I Buy Organic CBD?

Organic CBD products were virtually non-existent last year. At the time, the hemp industry was relatively new and organic certifications were virtually impossible to get.

Things are different today, and quite a few CBD companies are sourcing their hemp from certified organic hemp farms.

Does organic matter? What does “organic” actually mean?

Growing hemp organically comes with a lot of added challenges. The yields tend to be lower, and the farmers growing them are at a much higher risk. Pests can easily wipe out the entire crop, and with the limitations on pesticide use, there’s very little an organic farmer can do to stop it.

This ultimately means the cost of organic hemp is much higher.

However, the extra cost and effort are well worth it. Organic plants tend to produce higher cannabinoid and terpene concentrations and are guaranteed to be completely contaminant-free.

While it’s not a necessity to order organic products, it produces a better product overall.